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Easy on Stainless Steel Gutter Guard Stainless Steel Expanded Metal for Grill

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Stainless Steel Expanded Metal Mesh is the best rust-preventing and corrosion resistant expanded metal mesh products, which are specially used for chemically resistant and wear resistant projects. They have various of patterns by the adjustment of thickness, strand and the diamond openings size. Specification of Stainless Steel Expanded Metal Mesh: Materials: Stainless steel 201, 304, 304L, 316 or 316L Surface Treatment: Standard

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Featuring diamond-shaped openings that impede access without obstructing visibility, expanded metal is suitable for everything from architectural accents to industrial safety guards. For applications where exposure to moisture, chemicals, extreme temperatures, and other harmful factors are expected, a material with elevated performance characteristics is beneficial.

Expanded metal made from stainless steel offers superior strength, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appeal in a lightweight package.

Anping County Jingsi Hardware Mesh Co is your metal supplier and fabricator. We will deliver it, cut it to size, or weld it to your specifications.


Expanded metal mesh can be used as a reinforcing material for rendering, also known as a “scratch coat”, which is the first layer applied to a surface before the final render is applied. The expanded metal mesh is typically embedded in the wet rendering material and provides additional strength and stability to the surface, preventing cracking and other issues. It also helps to bridge any cracks or holes that may exist in the surface, providing a smooth and even surface for the final render.

It is used in the external insulation and finish systems (EIFS) in the construction industry as a reinforcement for the insulation layer. It is applied to the insulation layer which is then covered with a finish coat, this helps to increase the strength and durability of the insulation, preventing cracking and other issues.

Additionally, expanded metal mesh is also used in the construction of stucco walls, which is a traditional form of wall finish made of cement, sand, and water. The expanded metal mesh is embedded in the wet stucco mixture and helps to reinforce the wall and prevent cracking.

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