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Leaf Guard Leaf Guard Gutters Ladder Gutter Protector Perforated Metal Sheet Aluminium Perforated

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Gutter Guards are aluminum inserts designed to fit securely in your gutter and withstand even the most violent storms with ease. Our gutter guards fit new and existing gutters, won’t interfere with roof tiles, and are virtually invisible from the ground. Made from 98% recycled aluminum, it features a patented ribbed design for optimal airflow to remove debris. Efficient and durable, gutter guards offer a wide range of benefits – from quality construction that can handle high winds and storms, to versatile designs that keep animals, birds and debris out. So you can rely on powerful products to make your life easier year after year.

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Extra Benefits

1. Fits new or existing gutters: Fitting new gutters or updating existing systems.
2. Do not interfere with roof tiles: do not interfere with the design or function of your home.
3. Can handle any downpour: Our sturdy aluminum construction can withstand even the strongest storms.
4. Unique design to make the gutter stronger: attached to the front and back of the gutter for added strength.
5. Available in a variety of sizes: 5", 6" and 7" gutter options available. 4.5” panel style also available.


✅ The difference is in the design. Heavy-Duty (Industrial) Gauge .018 100% Aluminum Will Not Rust-Rot or Degrade the Product Itself.
✅ Specifically designed for concealed hangars, but will work with all hangars including K-style hangars - will not void roof warranty, including reinforced roofs!
✅ Designed to handle downpours.
✅ Easy installation with tabs for a seamless connection. 1/2" #8 zip screw required - not included.

More Details

• Designed for concealed hangers, but will work with all hangers

• Thick gauge 0.018 - 100% aluminum never rusts

• Invisible from the ground

• Coping with downpours

• Resistant to pests and weather (snow/ice)

• Easy to install over new or existing gutters

• Do not install under shingles as this may damage shingles

• Eliminates clogged gutters

Virtually eliminates any maintenance!

• No more sitting in your living room watching a wonderful rain shower only to be reminded that your gutter is clogged and overflowing

• Basements no longer flood due to clogged gutters and overflows

• No more climbing ladders

• Eliminates need to clean gutters

• Extends the life of gutters, windows, doors and foundations


This patented product was designed by professional gutter installers. It is easy for homeowners and professionals to install, eliminates the need to install under shingles, and eliminates clogged gutters and overflows.

Our patented design! This design creates and promotes more airflow from the top and bottom to clear debris. The design also allows the product to be mounted on all types of hangers, including concealed hangers, but can also be mounted on old style pegs and farro. These features make this product an excellent choice for any homeowner or installer.

Gutter Guards can be installed on any 5 or 6 inch gutter and all hanger designs.

Gutter guards are installed on top of the gutters and do not come into contact with the roof. They are suitable for all roof materials and any roof slope.

The unique air bubble design keeps your gutters flowing freely; the drain holes only allow water to enter the gutter.

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