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Architecture Perforated Aluminum Sheet Gutter Covers Steel Plate with Hole

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Anti-Skid Plate are manufactured by cold stamping and forming steel, aluminum and stainless steel into modular planks or sheets with distinctive walking surfaces. Advantages of Metal Safety Gratings include: Lightweight R Easy to fabricate Slip-resistant walking surfaces Maintenance-free.

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Our comprehensive line of metal safety gratings including: Serrated Diamond Grating, Perf-O Type Grating, Perforated Buttons Grating, Interlocking Safety Grating four series. Other types or new Anti-Skid Grating, we can mold production according to customer's drawings to meet customer demand for product diversity. Anti-Skid Grating products produced after processing into the stair treads, steps and walkways channels. Products are available in all metals and can be fabricated into stair treads, ladder rungs or walkway channels.

Raw Material

Material: carbon steel, aluminum, galvanized, stainless steel.
Width: 120mm,180mm, 240mm or as customization.
Height: 20mm,30mm,75mm or as customization.
Thickness: 2mm.2.5mm,3mm or as customization.


The crocodile mouth anti-skid plate is a very special type of punching mesh products. Its biggest feature is that the mesh surface presents crocodile mouth-shaped protruding holes, and the edges of the holes are pot teeth, which are not flat, so it has super Strong anti-skid performance, so it is also called crocodile mouth skid resistance plate.


Alligator mouth antislip plates are often installed and used in slippery and wet places, such as sewage treatment, waterworks, power plants, chemical plants, docks, ports, trucks, cars, train pedals, stair treads, etc. Outdoor and indoor anti-skidding, decoration.

Anti-skid plate products with other hole types include: fish-eye anti-skid plate, drum anti-skid plate, diamond-shaped hole anti-skid plate, etc.

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