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Perforated Metal Sheet Metal Sheet with Small Holes Leaf Guard Hole Metal Sheet

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One of the best things about using perforated metal is that it offers such a wide range of flexible, versatile options. This includes the ability to choose from various perforation patterns to meet your project requirements. Among the three standard perforated metal hole patterns — round, square, and slotted — round is the most popular and most frequently selected option.

Our JingSi wire mesh offers high-quality round hole metal products that will deliver results and exceed your expectations. We will also custom fabricate to your specific dimensions.

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Crimping patterns: Double crimp, lock crimp, intermediate crimp.
Materials: Galvanized steel, Stainless steel, black iron, high carbon steel, Mn steel.
Stainless steel wire: SUS304, 316, 304L, etc.
Hole types: Diamond, square, rectangular.

Crimped Wire Mesh, of Galvanized Steel, Carbon Steel, Manganese Steel, For Mining Screen, Partition Panels, Barbecue Netting, Flooring.

Crimped mesh is a type of heavy mesh screen woven of crimped steel wire. Also known as space cloth. The wires pre-crimped stay and maintain an accurate mesh structure with added strength and rigidity. This rigid woven wire cloth is widely used in mining, guarding and other uses.

Raw Material

Stainless Steel Perforated Sheet.
304 & 316 Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet.
Carbon Steel Perforated Sheet and Plate.
Galvanized Perforated Metal Sheet.
Aluminum Perforated Sheet.
We inventory perforated sheet in stock patterns with a very short delivery and if there not the patten you a are looking for, then we can custom punch patterns to specification.


1. Light weight, good rigidity, high strength and reasonable structure. Wind pressure deformation resistance, rainwater leakage resistance and air leakage resistance, and seismic performance can all meet the structural design requirements.
2. Good processing performance, fully meeting various design requirements.
3. The color selection range is wide, the decoration effect is good, and it is easy to meet the designer's color requirements.
4. The surface coating has strong weather resistance and long-lasting color.
5. Good fire performance and excellent performance.
6. The construction and installation are flexible, convenient, fast and easy to maintain.
7. Not easy to pollute, easy to clean and maintain.


Curtain wall
Separating ore or rock in mining applications
Security in windows, gates, and doors
Air filtration for electronic equipment
Grinding spices, seeds and other food products
Noise reduction in large engines
Enhancing the appearance of retail store displays
Household products such as patio furniture and appliances
Various types of screens and vents

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